About Us
Here at No. 2 Dog Waste Removal, we have set the standard for professional waste removal services. Established on March 17th, 2002, we have over ten years of experience as the only certified dog waste removal service for Erie and Huron Counties.
About No.2 Dog Waste Removal

As a proud and insured member of aPaws, we are trained in the proper removal and disposal practices that are meant to keep both your pet and your family healthy. If you would like to learn more, feel free to check out apaws.org – or simply click on the aPaws logo to the left!

We offer a flexible schedule too!

One-Time Clean Ups

Need a Bucket?

We supply a closed bucket for those who would rather clean their yard themselves. Just fill the bucket and let us haul it away for you, ensuring proper disposal that both you and the refuse companies will appreciate!


Stool Inspection

Notify you if we find anything in your dog's waste that may be a sign of illness or injury.

Stool Sample

We will collect a stool sample in one of our free containers for your pet's next vet visit.

Stool Removal

Complete cleaning of your yard and haul away of your dog's waste.

Poo Points Rewards Program

Ask about how you can get one free cleaning every six months, as well as bonuses for referring your friends!

I am happy to know that No.2 Dog Waste Removal is taking care of the chore my children "don't have time" for.

Roger C. – Huron, OH

Having No.2 Dog Waste Removal takes care of my dogs messes, so I have more time to work from home!

Cindy K. – Huron, OH

My dogs are healthy and I know it's because our yard is clean and waste free. Thanks No.2!

Michele R. – Erie, OH

We're No. 1 at Removing No. 2!

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